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Florida Loss: Tough, Loss of Noel: Tougher

  • Written by Jonathan Mason
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This image below of Wildcat big man, Nerlens Noel may be the one that sticks out more than any in the minds of Kentucky fans when they think back on this year after March madness has ended.

Forget about the rest of the game, I honestly don't want to talk about it any more than you probably care to re-live it.  You could say that Archie was out of control, you could say that the refs were horrid, you could even say that it looked like the Cats had no business being in that game.  You could say any of those things and find a number of people across various social media outlets who would agree with you 100 percent.  

The only point I want to make is this: Prayers and best wishes to Nerlens Noel.  

Oh and this...I still believe in this team.

Stat breakdown and game review to come tomorrow. Night, BBN.


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