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UK Coach Mitchell on Win over Delaware State

  • Written by UK Athletics

“We are thrilled to open up the season with a victory. It was great to be back out in Memorial Coliseum for another season opener and I was really, really pleased in a lot of areas today. It is just a lot of fun to come out in front of an enthusiastic crowd and get a victory to kick off the season. We are excited about today and happy to win.”


On the teams level of intensity for the entire 40 minutes …

“The first part of building our team and our defensive identity starts with a high level of intensity. And that starts with their attitude and their willingness to really put themselves out there and willingness to make mistakes, because we made a ton of mistakes today. That is all part of the process. It’s what you have to do since it’s early in the season. The thing that I liked was the speed that Delaware State had to play with today. They were pretty uncomfortable it looked like to me.

I will go back and look at it on film. There is a lot we have to get better at doing and I think we will. It takes day after day after day and repetition after repetition to really get good at some of these things that we need to get good at. The first step is the intensity, and I thought they brought that, so I was happy with that.”


On the team’s depth and ability to play so many lineups …

“I think it’s important in a game like today where the margin is big and you need to give everyone a chance to get out there and see what they can do. I don’t go into the game thinking I need to get everybody in the game. Now, I do go into the game thinking I want a deep rotation, but they really have to earn that playing time in practice and so if the scoring margin is like it is today, everybody will probably get an opportunity to play. I was happy everybody got a chance to play.”


On how the staff goes about correcting the mistakes …

“We will correct in timeouts, we will correct in deadballs, we will correct in video review and practice exactly. The main thing that you have to have is the mentality of putting the pressure on and attacking all the time. We had way too many turnovers today and those were a product of them trying to play the pace. There is only one way to learn how to do that, and that is to do it. It’s going to be ugly at times and there will be a lot of mistakes made here early in the season, but I am very

optimistic about what we can become.”


On his initial thoughts of the performance of DeNesha Stallworth …

“I thought she did alright. I will have to go back and watch the film. I didn’t think she played nearly enough in a stance today. On defense, I didn’t think she was anything close to what she can be. Offensively, I thought she was very impatient around the bucket, so that is my initial impression of her. She is a very talented player and has, what I think, is a real possibility of having a great year.”

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